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strutting naked, hoes.

im a good mod.
i do my application.


name/s: shelby roxanne, kittie, gato, pet peeve.
birthdate: July 26th, some year or another.
astrological sign: leo baby. rawr.
religion: born and raised wiccan.
seeing someone? yeah, only the hottest peice of ass in the world.
whatcha doin? (sexuality): my bedroom door swings both ways. ;-)
current residence: SW FL.
heritage: french.

10 favorite bands: Garbage, the postal service, pantera, the white stripes, the stranglers, KMFDM, Blondie, The sex pistols, danzig, misfits, alien sex fiend, bauhaus, type o negative, rammstein, vnv nation, assemblage 23, the go-gos, david bowie, black tape for a blue girl.
5 favorite movies: benny and joon, silence of the lambs, edward scissorhands, the bride of chucky, Friday the 13th. (im a voorhees girl)
3 favorite colors: black, silver, green.
3 favorite celebraties peter steele, johnny depp, christina ricci. (also the hottest celeb's out there)
3 favorite words: rawr, make-love, horror.
3 favorite songs: "call me" blondie, "this place is a prison" the postal service, "ignore the machine" alien sex fiend.
favorite animal: giraffes and cats.
favorite kind of shoes: converse, and really big boots.
favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate-vanilla swirl. how clique.
favorite time era: the 80's.
favorite clothing pattern: im into plaid.

-describe your perfect soulmate, lookswise and personalitywise:

a mix of


artistic. romantic. creative. talented. beautiful. makes me giggle.

-if you had a pirate ship, what would it look like, and what would it's name be?: it would be big and black, with green sails and silver glitter, ALL OVER IT. and its name would be "love machine".
-if you could have a one night stand with any celebratie, who would it be, and how would it happen? anyone who knows me atall know this answer... first, i would mail a contract of ownership of which ever ovarie he pefers to peter steele, and this should interest him long enough for me to lullar him into my bedroom, where i will make sweet sweet dark love to him.
-which character from any book or movie reminds you most of yourself? im a weetzie bat, as seen in "dangerous angels".
-post lyrics from a song that you can relate with:

I don't wanna be me anymore

Ever throwing at her house
Two glass houses, twenty stones
Fourteen yellow, six are blue
Could it be worse... quite doubtful

Two steps forward, three steps back
Without warning, heart attack
she fell asleep in the snow
Never woke up, died alone

Please don't dress in black
When you're at her wake
Don't go there to mourn
But to celebrate

i <3 type o.

-ever been to disney world? many times. so much, that i made this a question on my application for my community, geishapirates... maybe you've heard of it.
-if you could have dinner/lunch with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be, and where would you eat? i would have dinner with sid vicous, peter steele, christina ricci, marilyn manson, edgar allen poe, and johnny depp at a truck stop. because thats sexy.
-if you found out you only had 3 months to live, how would you live it?
i wouldnt tell anyone that i was dying. i would let them find out when i told them, and i would live my life how i normally would. i would have dinner with all my exes, and apologise for all the shit i put them through. i would go shopping with my mom. i would make love to my beautiful boyfriend. and i would fall asleep on my last night outside in a hammock, looking up into the sky in my lovers arms.
bit of a nasty shock for him when he wakes up, i suppose.

-make up a question, and then answer it yourself.
are you a sexy french faerie kittie?
why yes, yes i am.

pick three.

-voting dont have to worry about it until im of age, and quite frankly, i most likely wont do it then. everyone says every vote counts, but thats like, such bullshit.
-ex lovers :-) i love them all. they make life interesting.
-underaged sex its all about the love, mates. it doesnt matter the age, or anything like that, if you love that person, than go for it, if it seems right,and if they love you back, i guess.
-drug abuse
-love pain in the ass sometimes. but the making up is great. ;-)
-sex without love
-homeless people i want one.

post pictures, as many as you want, and NOT photoshoped.

more of my face then you thought it would be, huh?

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