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Theres a Starman waiting in the sky

Strutting Naked through the cross walk in the middle of the week.

Pretty Wenches
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♥ ♥ ♥
We're crazy europeans who like to rate other crazy europeans...or crazy americans, which ever tickles our fancy.
as long as you, my friend, are cool.

♥ Rules ♥

Fill out the application within 24 hours or so of joining the community.
Don't fight with teh members, in case you've yet to notice, they've been accepted, therefore hold a higher place on the pirate level, and until you are accepted in this community, they are technically cooler than you.
In the title of your application, please put "strutting naked", so we know that you've read these rules.
In the mood box of your application put "crazy" so we know that you weren't just skimming the rules to see whether or not we required a certain title. ;-)
when you are a member, please put "yes", "no", or "undecided" in the subject of your comment when reading an application, so its easier to count votes.
whore to the left, whore to the right. WHORE THIS COMMUNITY!

your lovely mods