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strutting el nudio


<b>name/s: Ava</b>
<b>birthdate: January 20</b>
<b>astrological sign: Aquarius</b>
<b>religion: Dont have one</b>
<b>seeing someone? Yes</b>
<b>whatcha doin? (sexuality): LeZbO</b>
<b>current residence: Naples FL</b>
<b>heritage: Cuban and Mexican</b>

<b>10 favorite bands: Gwen Stefani, RHCP, JOJ, Lacuna Coil, Bob Marley, Nirvana, The Cranberries, Orgy, 311, Juanes</b>
<b>5 favorite movies: The Notebook, Boys Dont Cry, White Oleander, Thirteen, RHPS</b>
<b>3 favorite colors: hot pink, green and black</b>
<b>3 favorite celebraties: Johnny Depp, Gwen, Winona Ryder, Mia Kirshner</b>
<b>3 favorite words: Crazy, JesusChristOnACracker, Oh my gosh</b>
<b>3 favorite songs: Gwen Stefani: Luxurious, Bone Thugz -N- Harmony: Crossroads, Nirvana: Dumb</b>
<b>favorite animal: Squrriel</b>
<b>favorite kind of shoes: Converse Hightops</b>
<b>favorite ice cream flavor: Cookies -n- Creme</b>
<b>favorite time era: 80s</b>
<b>favorite clothing pattern: Plaid</b>

<b>-describe your perfect soulmate, lookswise and personalitywise: My Sugar Pie Hunny Bun jenna of course</b>
<b>-if you had a pirate ship, what would it look like, and what would it's name be?: It would be pink black green and purple and would be called Vagina</b>
<b>-if you could have a one night stand with any celebratie, who would it be, and how would it happen? Gwen and Mia...definetly</b>
<b>-which character from any book or movie reminds you most of yourself? Casey cause i like to party hardy</b>
<b>-post lyrics from a song that you can relate with: I'm so lost, im barely here, i wish i could explain myself, but words espcape me, its too late, too save me, your too late, your too late.</b>
<b>-ever been to disney world? fuck yeah and it rocked my bathing suit top!</b>
<b>-if you could have dinner/lunch with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be, and where would you eat? Blink 182 anywhere</b>
<b>-if you found out you only had 3 months to live, how would you live it? spend as much time that i have left with the ones i love and go to amusement parks</b>
<b>-make up a question, and then answer it yourself. Do you have foot phobia? I use to, but i still kinda do.</b>

<i>pick three.</i>

<b>-ex lovers</b>
<b>-underaged sex</b>
<b>-drug abuse: Drugs Sex and Rock -n- Roll haha</b>
<b>-sex without love: i could never do</b>
<b>-homeless people: give em' food!</b>

<b>post pictures, as many as you want, and NOT photoshoped.</b>

hickey not nipple lol.

WTF is that on my nose?! OH MY GOSH! lol


...cant help myself...


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